Gunship Combat Helicopter 3D

Gunship Combat Helicopter 3D

Size 46.2MB

Gunship Combat Helicopter 3D

Gunship Combat Helicopter 3D

46.2MB5+ Million4.8(5973)
" Action "
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Helicopter Strike War Simulation 3D helicopter Game

Pilot your helicopter to war. Shoot, launch missiles, and destroy other helicopter gunships to pass levels.

Best Helicopter war simulation game. Fight with other helicopters, navigate, follow, strike and kill.

Your helicopter is well equipped with 3 different types of ammunition machine gun, air to ground missile and anti-aircraft sidewinder missile.

Gunship solo battle game, strike enemy's artillery, tanks, soldiers, turrets and base camp to win the battle.

Very long and engaging levels. Each level takes several minutes to complete some are over 10 minutes of game play long.

How to play?

Fly your helicopter with the smooth controls and shoot the enemy in sight.

You will need to tilt your phone to give direction to your helicopter.

Attack everything that moves. Kill your enemies and sink ships and gun boats. Other
enemy heli gunships and helicopters.

Be careful and try to escape from the enemy fire.

There are 3 difficulties Low, Medium, Hard. In each one enemies will deal more damage to your helicopter when they are firing at you.


Main Features

? 3 different types of ammunition
? Incredible Action War
? Best 3d Graphics
? Cool Sound Effects
? Amazing Helicopter Apache
? Attack other Helicopters and Planes Apache, F16, A10
? Military Artillery
? Crazy Gunships Battle

Stay Tuned for new updates and Gameplay modes!

We are looking forward to release new levels every 2 months.

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Tell us what other helicopters you would like to see in the helicopter simulator game.

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